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Mindful Divorce & Bright New Beginnings

Divorce can be devastating, but that's not the only option. I empower women who are rebuilding after divorce to design and live a life better than anything they've had before. If you're ready to -

release your past limitations,
take action toward your goals,
and live your
best life after divorce...

If you're ready to move forward in confidence and clarity while honoring yourself and what's most important to you...

Welcome, you're in the right place!

Get started now with the
Divorce to Dream Life Masterclass so you can clarify your vision and learn the 3 non-negotiable steps to making it a reality.

Your future is bright, and I look forward to meeting you!


Amy Kuchan
Space + Spark | Transformational Life Coach
Assistant Coach at
Lifehack Method

S+S - Spark Logo - Wood - Trans.png

 Divorce to Dream Life

Facebook Group


Let's take a look at where we are,

envision where we'll go from here,

and walk together down the path

of deep connection and


lasting fulfillment.


- Amy Kuchan

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