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Divorce to Dream Life 

12-Month Program


This is your year.

You're at a turning point. How do you want to live your next 12 months?
Are you ready to pause the paralyzing fear and confusion of divorce
by choosing yourSELF, choosing your life, and building your future with INTENTION?

In this private, high-touch Divorce to Dream Life program, you'll be guided one-on-one to discover -


>> Who YOU are and what you really want
>> The pillars of your dream life and your shortest path to get there
>> Confidence in your plan and your ability to achieve it
>> Freedom to move forward with acceptance, joy and excitement

because you deserve to...

Relax and feel secure that you're making the best decisions
>> Know and
honor yourself at a new and deeper level
>> Create your sanctuary home and routines to
make life easy
>> Release what's held you back and live your life at your full potential


Do you believe it's possible?


I know it is because I've lived it! I've transformed the life-shattering experience of divorce into a life I'm in awe of every single day. I've gone from - 

A stay-at-home mom with non-existent salary to a

self-employed business owner with time and schedule freedom

A woman wondering how she would find and fulfill her deeper purpose

to a woman moving her mission forward each and every day

I've transformed - 

A home filled with tension and fear to a sanctuary space with mindful routine...

A mind filled with doubt and limitation to a lifestyle better than anything I imagined...

and of course I'm always deepening my relationship with myself, my Higher Power, my children, and my new loving partner.

And it's not just possible for me. It's possible for you too.


That’s why I bring the Divorce to Dream Life 12-month program to committed, mindful women throughout the year. Because you too can take the primal fear of divorce and transform it into A LIFE YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO LIVE.

Beach Bar

You don't have to...


Wonder how you'll get through this next year alone...

navigating friends and relationships who can't relate to your situation.

You don't have to get lost in your fears and old patterns...

finding yourself circling back to old habits and limitations.

You don't have to wait 2 years or a decade to move on with your life in joyful celebration! You have the opportunity NOW to choose yourself, your true potential, and begin living the life you are MEANT TO BE LIVING!

An Older Woman Bathing in. the Sea

You can start fresh now..

With a coach who has years of experience on the journey you're just beginning.


You can be connected to a mentor all year long receiving knowledge and transformation specific to your unique situation.


You can learn through human connection (not online through video recording) and build a loving, supportive community who see you living your full potential.

You can take this time to cherish yourself, your life, and your true desires, because YOU DESERVE TO LIVE A LIFE YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE 12-MONTHS FROM NOW!


Are you ready to meet Amy - a guide trained in making your ideal life your reality? Book your call to meet her and learn more about your options. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Claim the life you're meant to live, and take your first step now.

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