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Private Sessions

Private sessions offer a dedicated and supported time for you to focus on your path and future. We look at where you are right now, where you want to be, the blocks that have held you back, and the actions that will carry you forward. It's an organic process that unfolds differently each session. We build momentum as we continue to connect and make intentional shifts toward your vision and goals.

> Sessions are guided by Amy Kuchan, Holistic Life Coach

> Private sessions take place in-person or online and run 60-75 minutes

> Book your free consultation with Amy to learn more


Coaching Q&A with Amy


> What do you offer as a life coach?

Every coach offers their own unique personality and service, but for me, coaching is about supporting another human being on their journey toward their most fulfilling life. Whether you’re completely stuck, moving toward a clear vision, or you just feel called toward something more, I offer a held and supported space for you to do your inner and outer work. I value your life, your purpose, your experiences and desires. Together, we explore your possibilities, look at your blocks, and discover ways to breakthrough. Ultimately, the work is yours, but I am with you every step of the way.

> Why would I want a life coach?

A coach shows up for you day after day - believing in you wholeheartedly, seeing you at your full potential, holding you accountable to your vision, and celebrating every breakthrough along the way. When you have a true desire for growth, this type of support can be priceless. A good coach has done (and is doing) the work themselves. They know what it's like to take the journey, and they can support you in a way most others cannot.

> What do you mean by “holistic” or “inner/outer” work?

When all facets of our lives are well and balanced (the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), we’re able to live from a place of wholeness. When we live from wholeness, we experience more peace, joy, clarity, confidence, and meaning. It’s with this intention that I guide clients through both their inner work (the mental, emotional, and spiritual) and external work (the physical body, career, environments, etc.).

> What's the benefit of a long-term coaching commitment?

True shifts take time. If you’re serious about your growth, you must commit to your vision and yourself. 12-month commitments offer personal accountability and keep you moving forward when you hit your (inevitable) blocks. I encourage you to commit to yourself now to reap the rewards in your future.

> What’s my first step?

Book your free consultation!

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